ARtificial intellegenge & the retina

Dr. Karth consults extensively with Google on their project aimed at diagnosing blinding medical conditions using their sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) platform: DeepMind, a already famous vast neural network. Aimed mostly at screening, the aim is to effectively detect cases of ocular eye diseases in patients and to prevent the increasing vision loss due to the diseases

Google DeepMind can use AI to study the vast amount of information and help researchers understand it. That way, doctors and researchers can put the data together and use it for making a quick, effective and correct diagnosis to provide the best possible treatment to the patients.

To train Google DeepMind, it will be 'fed' more than 1 million anonymized eye scans.  The company will use the scans to and train algorithms to identify the early signs of the disease and other information that doctors usually look for in a patient.

Doctors believe that the collaboration would allow much earlier detection and diagnosis of the eye-related diseases that may even cause blindness in individuals. As a result, much treatment and other forms of intervention can be carried out well before time.

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